The 5 best exercise for weight loss

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When you are looking for a way to have healthy and fit body, it necessarily not only be by working out in gym but can also be done at home. Loosing out on weight is not as easy as it seems to be, in fact you will need to follow on a daily routine to get the results you want too.

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Have a look at the 5 best exercise for weight loss that you can add to your routine.


You love or you hate, running is one of the simplest and the easiest way to cut down on calories. Running by slowing down and speeding up will help you in covering more miles. Running is great but sprinting is even more effective while help in engaging your core by which you can more runs in short time.

Jumping Rope

One of the most played game during the childhood is now the finest exercise that you can pick for burning calories. Jumping rope is quite effective for loosing weights as it is more of full body workout.  With this exercise you not only loose weights but also create a balance in a body and improves your coordination too.

Strength Training

Strength training is something you need to put your focus on. This exercise will help in building your metabolism and also helps you in building lean muscle mass. You will indeed gain lesser amount of fats once you have more muscles. This exercise is also quite helpful for your health as metabolism of many people tend to slow down, once crossed 30’s.

Kick Boxing

Another best exercise for weight loss that will help you in loosing out lot of calories is kick boxing. This is one of the finest exercises by which you can not only loose some weight but also sculpt muscles and some major relief from stress. Kick Boxing a perfect choice for your core legs which will then improve your coordination, balance and proprioception.


Spinning is another great activity that is highly recommended for burning calories. Spinning an actual bike or a stationery one, both works the same way. With this exercise you will lose weights and get more stronger muscles. Always spin on an interval routine so that you can stay healthy and get better results.

These are some of the best exercise for weight loss which are highly recommended and also be worked out at home.

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